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Walking and Wellness

12 KM   I   ALTITUDE 180  METRESI  DURATION 3:30  HOURS  I Level of difficulty  Easy  


This route will take you on a varied walk against a backdrop of mountain and valley scenery featuring the peaks of the Northern Black Forest and the Alb Valley. You will set off on footpaths with stunning views, circling the spa town of Waldbronn with its healing springs in the middle of a fantastic holiday location. Take the opportunity to relax as you visit the Albtherme (Thermal Baths) with swimming facilities, Saunapark (Sauna Park), Wellnessbereich (Wellness Area) and Totes-Meer-Salzgrotte (Dead Sea Salt Cave).


  • Starting/finishing point: Bahnhof Busenbach (Busenbach Train Station)
  • How to get there: A5 Ettlingen–Karlsruhe Süd via the L564 towards Bad Herrenalb to Busenbach or A8 Karlsbad via the L609 towards Waldbronn to Bahnhof Busenbach (Busenbach Train Station)
  • Public transport: S-Bahn S1/S11 from Karlsruhe-Ettlingen to Bahnhof Busenbach (Busenbach Train Station).


  • Albtherme Waldbronn (Waldbronn Thermal Baths) for relaxation, Albtal-Naturschutzgebiet (Alb Valley Nature Reserve), Kurpark Waldbronn (Waldbronn Spa Garden)



  • Schwitzer’s Bistro at the Albtherme (Thermal Baths), Schwitzer’s Brasserie & Lounge at the Kurpark (Spa Garden) in Reichenbach, Gasthausbrauerei Lindenbräu restaurant and brewery in Reichenbach, Weinhaus Steppe hotel and restaurant, Gesellschaftshaus Etzenrot restaurant, Landgasthof/Hotel La Cigogne guest house in Busenbach, Campingplatz Neurod campsite


Walk up Bahnhofstraße until you get to house number 30 and then turn left by the footpath signpost (symbol: yellow diamond). Cross Ettlinger Straße to get to Kapellenweg, which will lead you up to the edge of the forest. Here you will find a little Kapelle (Chapel) offering a lovely view. Continue to the left, heading to the Kleintierzuchtanlage (Small Animal Breeding Centre).

Once you have arrived there, take a right turn and walk for 800 m on Mittelgewann until you reach the footpath signpost at the next intersection. Follow the yellow diamond symbol for 1.8 km, at which point you will come to the Busenbach Reservoir.

Cross Ettlinger Straße and walk on the right-hand side of the road (towards the motorway) for around 300 m. Turn right onto the next track you come across. Walk along Stuttgarter Straße to the plant nursery called “Kraft” in Reichenbach. Cross the road here so that you are on Zwerstraße. From there, head onto Nelkenstraße and then Pforzheimer Straße. Cross the road and head towards Neubrunnenschlag, where you can stop off at the hotel and restaurant called Weinhaus Steppe.

At the next fork in the path in the forest, take a right turn and continue until you come across a car park. Walk down the street for a while until you arrive at the next car park along (Odenbrunnen). At this point, go up Köhlerweg (Coal Merchant Path) until you reach the Grenzweg (Border Trail) at about 800 m. Take a right turn and then a left turn after 50 m. Walk straight ahead to the Wasserreservoir (Reservoir) in Etzenrot.

Head downhill from there, passing by the playing field and ending up on Jahnstraße. Cross Hohbergstraße and Neuroder Straße to get to Neurod. Cross Herrenalber Straße and the AVG railway tracks. You will then come to the Campingplatz Neurod campsite, where you have the option of stopping too.

When you are ready to continue, cross the Alb River and walk alongside the road until you come to the edge of the forest. You will now find yourself on Graf-Rhena-Weg. Walk for around 1 km until you see the Weberei Canal on your right. Cross the canal and walk through the meadows. Cross the Alb River via Rennersteg to end up back at Bahnhof Busenbach (Busenbach Train Station), which is where the route started.



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