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11-12 January 2020: 75 years operation „Northwind“ - The forgotten offense between Saar and Rhine

In January 2020 is the 75th anniversary of an event, which lead between Saar and Rhine to many Alsatian villages being liberated twice in 1945. The operation “Northwind”. It was the very last try of the German Wehrmacht to remain at least in parts at the top of the game in the West. After initial success the forays were stopped dead and the targets Strasbourg and Saverne were never reached. The hard battles in ice and snow claimed the lives of many people not only from soldiers on both sides but also from civilians, who could not be evacuated before the battles started. The villages in that areas as Achen, Rimling Wingen, Hatten, Rittershofen, Herrlisheim, Gambsheim and Kilstett were only left to be ruines after the battles from house to house.

Thememorialweekendon 11. 01. 2020 and 12. 01. 2020 isdedicatedtothevictimsofthese battles betweentheSaarandtheRhine.