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Richard the Lionheart Route

12,2 KM   I   492 HÖHENMETER  I   4:45 STD. DAUER  I  MITTEL



Beautiful woodland walks and paths, spectacular views and stunning rock formations and mountains make the Richard the Lionheart Route truly special. Prepare to be wowed by some exceptional sights along the way, including Wasgaublick (Wasgau Viewpoint), Asselstein Rock Pinnacle and Rehbergturm (Rehberg Tower).


  • Starting/finishing point: Rathaus Annweiler (Annweiler Town Hall)
  • How to get there: A65 to the Landau-Nord exit and then on the B10 to Annweiler am Trifels
  • Public transport: Bahnhaltepunkt Annweiler am Trifels (Annweiler am Trifels Train Station) on the Landau–Pirmasens route in the Queich Valley
  • Parking: Villa Gotthold Car Park (P10), Zweibrücker Straße, Annweiler am Trifels



  • Altstadt Annweiler am Trifels (Annweiler am Trifels Old Town), Trifelsruhe Naturbegräbnisstätte (Trifelsruhe Natural Burial Ground), Wasgaublick (Wasgau Viewpoint), Asselstein Rock Pinnacle, Rehbergturm (Rehberg Tower), Rehbergquelle (Rehberg Spring), Kurpark (Spa Garden) in Annweiler am Trifels



  • Klettererhütte am Asselstein restaurant (open on Wed to Sun and closed on Mon and Tues), in Annweiler: Restaurant Umoya (open from 17:00 on Thurs to Mon; open for lunch too on Sat and Sun; closed on Tues and Wed), Restaurant at the Kurhaus (Spa Resort) in Trifels; other restaurants in the town centre



Through the Trifelsland, we walk to the imposing rock massif of Asselstein. The subsequent climb up to the lookout tower on the Rehberg is well worth while since the view over the Wasgau and the castles of Trifels, Anebos and Scharfenberg (Münz) is breathtaking.

We start at the Rathaus in Annweiler am Trifels, going first to the north and then turning left at the old water mill in the picturesque Gerbergasse. After that, we turn left past the hospital in Annweiler and follow a footpath until we reach the Südring. This we cross diagonally towards the right and climb up the Brunnenring until we reach the street named "Zum Honigsack". After a few metres we take the meadow path to the right (be careful, since this path can be easily overlooked), which then turns into a forest path leading up to the Klingelberg. We keep to the right at each of the next two crossroads and hike along the western flank of the hillside ridge. Our path then opens out onto a wider trail, which we follow briefly to the right before leaving it at the next opportunity to the left. This path leads us along the steep switchbacks through the town forest of Annweiler with its beautifully-designed nature burial ground Trifelsruhe.

We pass the lookout point at the Willi-Achtermann -Hütte with its stunning views of the Imperial Castle of Trifels and continue along the trail to the lookout point Wasgaublick. The name says it all and we can therefore enjoy the view over the green tree tops of the southern Palatinate Forest. We then walk along a wide grassy path towards the northeast. A small forest path branching off to the right leads us down steeply to the street. The trail markers then lead us to the impressive stone massif of Asselstein and then on to the Kletterhütte, where we can enjoy a welcome refreshment (closed Mondays and Tuesdays).

From the nearby Wanderparkplatz we make a detour to the lookout tower on the Rehberg where the view from the tower is simply breathtaking. In between we can see the three castles of Trifels, Anebos and Scharfenberg (Münz) and the Asselstein, where we have just been. After this detour, we follow the path past the Klettererhütte towards the north, then turning to the right at a large clearing and climbing down a zigzag path the Bindersbacher Tal . Always following the course of the stream, we finally pass through an idyllic valley and the spa gardens back to Annweiler am Trifels. At the end of the park, the trail goes to the left through the Burgstraße and Hauptstrasse and back to the town square, our starting point.




Büro für Tourismus
Meßplatz 1, 76855 Annweiler am Trifels
Telefon +49 (6346) 2200


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