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Kappelwindeck Leisurely Route

8.4 KM   I   ALTITUDE 258 METRES  I  DURATION 2:55 HOURS   I Level of difficulty Medium   


Starting off at the idyllic church square in Kappelwindeck, you will set off through orchards, vineyards and forests until you reach the Burgruine Alt-Windeck (Alt-Windeck Castle Ruins). Don’t forget to stop for a minute to enjoy the beautiful view from the castle tower. Then it’s time to head on back through Kappelwindeck. And there are plenty of guest houses to stop at along the way.  


  • Starting/finishing point: Kirchplatz (Church Square), Kappelwindeck
  • How to get there: A5 motorway, Bühl exit. L85 towards Bühl/Bühlertal/Schwarzwaldhochstraße. Turn right at the roundabout before Altschweier and head towards Bühl. Turn left towards Burg Windeck (Windeck Castle) after the large car park on the left-hand side.
  • Parking: At Kirchplatz (Church Square), Kappelwindeck
  • Public transport: Train to Bühl. Bus Line 271 to Kirchplatz (Church Square), Kappelwindeck.



  • Barockkirche St. Maria (St. Mary’s Baroque Church) in Kappelwindeck, Jakobuspilger (St. James Monument), Burgruine Alt-Windeck (Alt-Windeck Castle Ruins)



  • Hotel-Restaurant Jägersteig, Hotel-Restaurant Burg Windeck, Hotel-Restaurant Rebstock, Hotel-Restaurant Einsiedelhof, Gasthof zur Traube hotel, Bechter’s Restaurant Lamm


Starting at the Kirchplatz (Church Square) in Kappelwindeck, you will walk through a developed area at first, followed by orchards. Go past the Einsiedelhof guest house on your way to the Gucken district. Carry on uphill to the Schüttebrünnele Fountain, where you can cool off and have a rest. A little bit later on, you could also stop off for a bite to eat at Restaurant Rebstock. Head through vineyards and along the edge of the forest to get to Restaurant Jägersteig. The route heads further uphill and then evens out through the forest to the Burgruine Alt-Windeck (Alt-Windeck Castle Ruins), where there is one restaurant of the same name and another one called Vesperstube Pferdestall. Here you can admire the lovely view across the Rhine Valley and climb to the top of the Burgturm (Castle Tower). Children can also have some fun on the playground. Then it’ll be time to head on back through Kappelwindeck to the Kirchplatz (Church Square), where you’ll find the Gasthof zur Traube hotel. We would recommend that you pay a visit to Barockkirche St. Maria (St. Mary’s Baroque Church) here too.



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