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Hahnfels Rock Route

14.3 KM   I   ALTITUDE 451 METRES  I   DURATION 5 HOURS  I  Level of difficulty Medium  



On the Hahnfels Rock Route, you will head up into the Hahnfelsen Rocks, where you will be treated to magnificent views of the Wasgau. Then it is on to the Schafstein Rock Formations, Kahlenberg Hill and Burgenmassiv Alt-Dahn (Alt-Dahn Castle). The second part of the route follows paths that are lovely to walk on, passing scenic ponds on the way to the Eibachquelle (Eibach Spring) and the Wasserfall (Waterfall), before heading back to the start.


  • Starting/finishing point: Belmontplatz, Schulstraße, 66996 Erfweiler
  • How to get there: B10 to Hinterweidenthal, B427 via Dahn and K39 to Erfweiler.
  • Public transport: Take the train to Hinterweidenthal and then complete the journey to Erfweiler on the bus
  • Parking: Belmontplatz, Schulstraße, 66996 Erfweiler


  • Hahnfels Rock, view of the village, Schafstein Rock Formations, Wasgaublick (Wasgau Viewpoint), Burgenmassiv Alt-Dahn (Alt-Dahn Castle), Eibachquelle (Eibach Spring), Wasserfall (Waterfall)



  • Burgschänke tavern at Alt-Dahn Castle, Restaurant “Jägerhof”.
  • Hotel “Kleine Blume”; opening times: Mon–Sat 17:30–21:00, Sun 12:00–14:00 and 17:30–21:00,


The starting point of this new premium trail "Hahnenfels-Tour" is the Belmontplatz (village square) in the middle of Erfweiler. From here, the trail leads past the church up  a stepway and then along a path up to the Hahnberg with its Hahnenfelsen. On the Hahnfelsen, you have a wonderful viewpoint which offers a magnificent view of Erfweiler and the Wasgau. It is also the ideal site to relax and perhaps even enjoy a picnic. The trail then leads to the Glastalblick and down into the Bärenbrunnertal. Passing the almost hidden Heegerturm we continue to the source of the Breitenbach with its resting  area and fresh spring water. From the source, it goes up to the Schafsteinfelsen, a bizarre rock formation of red sandstone, where the traces of nature can be clearly seen. Of particular interest for climbers. Past the rock formation, the path leads up to the panoramic Kahlenberg with a great view of the castle of Alt Dahn.

The trail continues along the ridge, towards the neighbouring village of Schindhard, to the Wasgaublick. Here you will find a vantage point inviting you to linger and enjoy the views over Schindhard, Dahn-Reichenbach and the ruins of the Drachenfels near Busenberg. After a little rest we take a path downhill to the Schindharder sports ground. From here, the trail leads to the Fischwoogmühle and past an old brick kiln over the K 39 uphill to the castle of "Alt-Dahn". These three castle ruins represent the largest castle ruins in the Palatinate together with a small but fine castle museum. A visit to the castle is worthwhile, in any case. Below the castle ruins, a small castle tavern, set in the shade of old trees, invites you to enjoy a refreshment.

The route continues over the Löffelfelsen, again with a view over Erfweiler and then back towards the Wasgaugemeinde. Slightly downhill, the narrow path leads past a secluded cave on the Zimmerberg. Below the Zimmerfels, it then runs down to the Dorfblick and the Heberfelsen. From here it is possible to shorten the tour via the Friedhofstraße and return to the starting point (village tavern: Jägerhof in the centre of Erfweiler).

For those of you who do not want to shorten the walk, you can walk around the outskirts of Erfweiler through the adjacent forest in the direction of the Kneipp facilities and from there to the Kohlenmeilerplatz, with its shelter. The tour now runs along a level road through Langenthal towards the Landschaftsweiher, here there are several seating areas to dangle your soul and relax and just enjoy nature. Continue then along the “Liebespfad” to the source of the Eibquelle. This rock spring offers fresh spring water and the opportunity to have a rest. From the source, the path goes to the Erfweilerer waterfall. Again, pure nature. Over the Dickkopfpfad the final leg of the tour leads back to the village, which is reached after passing the Michaelkapellchen. From here, you go along the pavement, past the “Hotel Kleine Blume" (Refreshments available on a beautiful terrace) and back to the starting point of the tour.



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