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Druslach Stream Adventure Route


13 KM   I   ALTITUDE 24 METRES  I  DURATION 3.5 HOURS I  Level of difficulty  Easy  



The narrow nature trail meanders alongside the Druslach Stream and through unspoilt mixed woodland. The stunning stream setting is bound to be a hit with walkers of all ages all year round thanks to its incredible natural landscape, beautiful views from comfy benches, lovely rest stops, playground facilities and wide range of places to stop.


  • Starting/finishing point: Bahnhof Lingenfeld (Lingenfeld Train Station) (Bahnhofstraße 3, 67360 Lingenfeld)
  • How to get there: Coming from Ludwigshafen, take the B9 towards Speyer/Germersheim. Leave at the Lingenfeld exit. Coming from Karlsruhe, take the B9 towards Speyer/Ludwigshafen. Leave at the Lingenfeld exit.
  • Public transport: Take S-Bahn Lines S3 and S4 from Germersheim/Speyer.


  • The Naturerlebnispfad (Nature Adventure Trail) is the perfect blend of water and woodland settings, with plenty of opportunities to see typical flora and fauna along the way.



  • Lingenfeld: Vogelhütte, Am Hirschgraben and Akropolis restaurants; Westheim: Zum Landgasthof and Milano restaurants; Dorfschänke restaurant in Lustadt, Zeiskamer Mühle hotel


The untended footpath follows the natural, winding course of the stream on the ridge along the bank. Walkers, sports fans and keen photographers will find the scenery alongside the stream simply stunning all year round with its unique natural landscape and opportunities for adventure.

A narrow nature trail takes you from Bahnhof Lingenfeld (Lingenfeld Train Station) along the high bank of the Old Rhine up to the estuary of the Druslach Stream underneath a railway bridge. From there, you continue along the stream bank, past the former “Tuchbleiche” (Cloth Bleaching Spot) and above Lochmühle Mühlensee Lake in Lingenfeld. You will pass the Anglerteiche (Fishing Lakes) in Westheim and Lachenmühle in Lustadt until you reach the Bubenablass Bathing Spot at the Zeiskam boundary.

Proceeding from the large information board, cross the railway tracks at the level crossing at Bahnhof Lingenfeld (Lingenfeld Train Station) and head away from the town. Once you reach the wooden sign on the right-hand side of the road, go down the steps to the bank of the Old Rhine. Follow the narrow path for around 2 km until you come to the point where the Druslach Stream flows into the Old Rhine just ahead of the railway bridge. Cross under the railway bridge to join the path along the bank of the Druslach Stream, which you should follow for around 650 m as far as the former “Tuchbleiche” (Cloth Bleaching Spot).

Cross the wooden bridge to get to the former Bleichwiese (Bleaching Meadow) featuring historical Waschbänke (Washing Banks) and a rest stop that has furniture to sit on. When you are ready to leave the meadow terrain, go left up the slope. Follow a narrow path round to the right and keep going uphill. Once you reach the top, take a right turn onto the concrete road, which runs through orchards all the way to the Kleintierzuchtanlage (Small Animal Breeding Centre). You will need to leave the road at this point and turn right onto the narrow path that meanders through the small piece of woodland upstream of the lake. After around 300 m, cross the Druslach Stream at the point where it flows into the Mühlensee Lake via the wooden bridge. Upstream of the latter, turn left and then cross the B9 after about 120 m. The nature trail winds alongside the Druslach Stream on the high embankment. After around 500 m, you will come to the Mariengrotte Shrine via a ravine – 50 m down to the left. This is a lovely quiet spot right by the stream. Carry on upstream of the shrine for around another 250 m until you reach three historical Grenzsteine (Boundary Markers). Turn right here and then turn left at the crossroad so that you are on RUNDWANDERWEG 1 (WALKING LOOP 1), which will meet the L538 country road after around 300 m.

From the Grenzsteine (Boundary Markers), you can go for a wander along the idyllic path called Heinz-Dangelmayer-Weg near the stream, heading through the trees until you come to the country road. Blue stripes on the tree trunks mark the path.

Once you have crossed the country road, take a left turn and walk for around another 50 m along the road before turning right onto the wide forest path. After about 500 m, you will come to a crossroad. Turn left here for a view of the picturesque Anglerteiche (Fishing Lakes) along the dammed Druslach Stream near Westheim after around 50 m. A narrow path takes you right and past the chain of lakes until you come to an open Schutzhütte (Shelter) after around 300 m. Keep walking for around another 80 m and turn at the wooden bridge, heading right for about 40 m until there is a bend in the path. Continuing on the wide RUNDWANDERWEG 1 (WALKING LOOP 1), carry on to the left for about 1.3 km until you get to Lachenmühle in Lustadt. Here you will see some more idyllic Angelweiher (Fishing Lakes) into which the Druslach Stream runs. Follow the wide path from here for about 1 km along the Druslach Stream, passing meadows and fields. After the Bellheimer Weg intersection in the industrial estate in Lustadt, you will come to another small wooded area. Cross the wooden bridge over the Sauheidegraben Drainage Ditch and you will come to the Zeiskam boundary.  The path continues to the south of the Druslach Stream. You will pass through fertile pastures and farmland until you enter Zeiskam. At this point, the footpath veers away from the Druslach Stream and bends south towards the L540. Once you have entered the Sauheide industrial estate, cross the L540 at the crossing and bear west alongside the Sauheidegraben Drainage Ditch. After around 300 m, the footpath meets back up with the Druslach Stream. The route ends at the Bubenablass Bathing Area, where the Fuchsbach Stream divides up into the Hofgraben and the Druslach.





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