Dobel Europe Route

6 KM   I   ALTITUDE 119 METRES I   DURATION 1:50 HOURS I Level of difficulty Easy  


28 benches in the colours of the EU Member States provide the perfect place to sit and enjoy the stunning scenery on the diverse “Europe Walking Route” around Dobel. You won’t be disappointed by the magnificent view of the Vosges, Palatinate Forest, Rhine Valley, Kraichgau and Odenwald Mountains. Not to mention all the wonderful places where you can stop off for a rest.



  • Starting/finishing point: Car park at the Kurhaus (Spa Resort)
  • How to get there: Take the L340 to the Kurhaus (Spa Resort)
  • Public transport: Bus Line 716 or 719 to the town centre


  • Aussichtskanzel Wasserturm (Water Tower Viewing Platform), Kurpark (Spa Garden) featuring a Sonnenbank (Sunbathing bench) measuring 63 m in length, Tótvázsony-Platz (Square)






The Europe Loop features 28 benches in the colours of the EU Member States as crystal-clear proof that the concept of Europe is very much alive on the “Dobel”, as many visitors and locals call this mountainous location.

The route starts and finishes at the village square in front of the Dobel Kurhaus (Spa Resort). Here you will also see the Westwegtor (Western Path Gate), which is also known as the “Dobler Sonnentor” (“Dobel Sun Gate”). Go past the Kurpark (Spa Garden) and the longest Sonnenbank (Sunbathing bench) in Germany (63 m) and walk along the “Sonnenwegle” path beneath the Dobel Aussichtsturm (Viewing Tower) until you get to the Brenntenwaldweg (Brennten Forest Path) that crosses it. As you walk along this first stretch, you will often be treated to a magnificent view of the Vosges, Palatinate Forest, Rhine Valley, Kraichgau and Odenwald Mountains. And this view is even better from the Dobel Wasserturm (Water Tower), which is open every day between May and October.

The Brenntenwaldweg (Brennten Forest Path) leads up to Höhenstraße. The route on from here is in a bit of a zigzag pattern: First you head towards the centre and then take a sharp turn into a wooded area and then take another sharp turn there so that you are heading east. As you leave the forest behind, you will come to a chestnut tree in the middle of an intersection.  

It’s on to the south of Dobel next: Take the path called Mannenbachheideweg to get to the group of pine trees in the Jägerbrunnen car park. From the road, heading uphill towards the Forsthaus (Forester’s Lodge), turn into another wooded area. After 300 m, you will be treated to a view of the meadows on the Dobler Hochfläche (Dobel Plateau) (“Reutäcker”).  At the next path intersection at “Engetürle”, you will have the option of taking a 2-km detour on the Dobler Engelweg (Dobel Angel Path) to go and see the Volzemer Steine Rock Formation.  The Europe Loop itself continues on a gentle incline up to Neuenbürger Straße, which you will need to cross (use the pedestrian crossing).

Pass the Waldklinik (Forest Hospital) to walk through a small wooded area to some fields (“Ebene Hardt”) on Schwanner-Rain-Weg. Starting along the edge of the forest, the path then continues for around 800 m through the “Frauenwäldle”. You will then come to Neusatzer Straße, which will take you up into the village. Once you are in the centre, you will be able to spot the Kirche (Church), Rathaus (Town Hall), Schule (School) and Tótvázsony-Platz (Square). Your final destination, the Dorfplatz (village square), isn’t far away – it’s just over on the other side of Hauptstraße (the main road).



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