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Bear Climb

13.5 KM   I   ALTITUDE 434 METRESI   DURATION 6 HOURS I  Level of difficulty Medium  




This premium walking route boasts plenty of idyllic views, diverse landscapes and beautiful vantage points, including Schuhfels Rock, the Kanzel (Pulpit), Burgruine Drachenfels (Ruins of Drachenfels Castle) and the Geiersteine Rocks. There is also chance to stop off at the PWV Drachenfelshütte cabin in Busenberg.


  • Starting/finishing point: Car park at the Waldfriedhof (Forest Cemetery) on the extended road called Im Wahrzeichen, 76891, Bruchweiler-Bärenbach
  • How to get there: From the B10 in Hinterweidenthal, take the B427 towards Dahn
  • Public transport: Take the train to Hinterweidenthal and then complete the journey to Bruchweiler-Bärenbach on the bus
  • Parking: Car park at the Waldfriedhof (Forest Cemetery), 76891, Bruchweiler-Bärenbach



  • Schuhfels Rock, Kanzel (Pulpit), Burgruine Drachenfels (Ruins of Drachenfels Castle), the Geiersteine Rocks



  • PWV Drachenfelshütte in Busenberg (open 11:00–18:00 on Wed, Sat and Sun), Weinstube am Kirchberg wine bar, 76891 Bruchweiler-Bärenbach (open from 14:30 on Wed, Fri and Sun)



The starting point for the new premium trail "Bärensteig" is the parking lot at the Waldfriedhof, a continuation of the "Im Wahrzeichen" in 76891 Bruchweiler-Bärenbach.

From the start, the tour leads along a forest path, past a water tower until we reach the  "Schuhfelsen" from the top of which the hiker has a wonderful view of the region surrounding Bruchweiler-Bärenbach.

The route continues on a soft forest trail to the Jüngstberg-Plateau, where a seating area invites you to linger. From there, a narrow path leads up to the "Jüngstbergkanzel" with stunning panoramic views over the West Wasgau. A natural path then lead us along the Jüngstberggrat down to the Bundenthaler hunting lodge with changing views of the natural landscape of the legendary  Dahner Felsenland.

After about 400 metres, the forest trail leads us along the foot of the Heidenberg to the "Drachenfelshütte", belonging to the Palatinate Forest Association, Ortsgruppe Busenberg (for opening times see author’s recommendations). Having sampled some of the specialties of the local cuisine and a "Pälzer Schoppen" the path leads up to the ruins of the "Drachenfels", which is one of the most distinctive rock castles in Dahner Felsenland with both glorious views as well as stunning rock caves and sandstone chambers to be seen.

After an intensive tour of the castle ruins (please allow sufficient time for this ) with spectacular views and unforgettable impressions, the path eventually leads down into the valley to a paved bike path. After approximately 350 metres along the bike path, past orchards and cattle meadows, we follow an almost forgotten path into the valley of the Staubborn”. We follow this trail for about 1 km until we then reache the "Vierländereck", a quadrangle where four different village regions meet. On a soft, resilient path we reach the rock formation of the "Geierstein", where you will find some bizarre honeycomb patterns in the eroded  red sandstone. On the south side of the “Geierstein, there is an steep natural climb where, if you are lucky, you will be able to admire the dizzying acrobatics  of some rock climbers !

At the washing place of the Elwetritsche, the "Elwetritsche Steckdose", you are invited to have another rest before we start the descent over the "Lourdessteig" and back to the starting point of the premium hiking trail "Bären-Steig".





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