Three Stream Route




Lots of streams meander through the Kraichgau, an area within the eastern part of the PAMINA region. This route follows three of them: the Kraichbach, the Katzbach and the Hainbach. You can take in the view of the vineyards as you encounter nature reserves, lovely little towns with plenty of cultural highlights and Schloss Eberstein (Eberstein Castle) on your cycle adventure.

Starting point and how to get there

Starting/finishing point: Ubstadt-Weiher

How to get there: A5 to the Bruchsal exit then the B35 and B3 to Ubstadt

Public transport: S-Bahn Line S32/S31 (Rastatt-Karlsruhe-Bruchsal-Menzingen/Odenheim) Ubstadt

Bahnhof (Ubstadt Train Station) stop

Parking: At the Ubstadt Bahnhof (Ubstadt Train Station) S-Bahn stop

Things to see

  • Stettfeld: Römermuseum (Roman Museum)

  • Odenheim: Siegfriedsbrunnen (Siegfried Fountain)

  • Kraichtal-Menzingen: Wasserschlossruine (Moated Castle Ruins)

    Kraichtal-Gochsheim: Graf-Eberstein Schloss Unteröwisheim (Gochsheim Castle)

  • Unteröwisheim: Fachwerkgebäude (Half-Timbered Buildings)




This route begins at the train station in Ubstadt. Head to Hauptstraße from there and head right on this main road. Go straight on at the traffic lights and into the 30 km/h zone. Turn right on the left-hand bend just before the bridge, cycle around the football field and go past the stopping point as you head uphill on Hauptstraße. Take a left and cycle along the cycle/footpath towards Unteröwisheim. As you enter the town, turn left onto the road called Martin Luther Straße and then turn right onto Josef Held Straße before the railway crossing. At the train station, cycle straight on alongside the tracks and through the allotment land. Turn left onto the cycle/footpath beneath the castle and head out of the town. Take a left turn at the T junction, then cross the bridge and take the next right along the stream. When you come to Kreisstraße, cross the road on the cycle/footpath to the tracks before the railway crossing. Carry on going straight ahead and along past the stopping point. You will then reach a junction – take a slight right turn and follow “Altenweg” over the tracks. Take a right at the next junction, crossing the tracks again, and cycle along “Manngraben” towards Münzesheim. Cycle past the industrial estate, bearing right, and over the bridge. Turn left onto Ulmenstraße and follow the road along the stream and through the town. At the end of the road, carry on straight ahead on Nutzweg. Then turn right, left and right again towards the Feuerwehr (Fire Station). Once you get there, turn left on the cycle path alongside the road. When you come to the end of the business park, cross the main road before you reach the railway crossing and cycle past the stopping point, carrying on alongside the tracks on the gravel path towards Gochsheim. Head left on the tarmac path and then turn left after the industrial estate, passing the train station and heading to Hauptstraße. When you get there, turn left and then take the next right onto the road that is closed to cars at the weekend. Follow the course of the road in the valley alongside the tracks. At the stopping point, turn right to Hauptstraße and head left on the cycle path. Once you reach the end of the cycle path, carry on straight ahead towards and past the former mill. Follow the gravel path round to the right and take a left turn at the next junction so that you are heading towards Menzingen. Cycle straight on to Menzingen. Turn left at the train station and follow the road called Bahnhofstraße round to the right. Proceed straight ahead through the town until you reach the castle. Just before the castle on the right, go around the property on the private tarmac road. Take a left turn at the T junction and follow the tarmac road through the valley towards the L635. Cross Hauptstraße and veer left on the tarmac road, heading slightly uphill to the edge of the forest. From there, you will be heading straight down into the valley. At the four-way intersection in the valley, head left alongside the Hainbach Stream (on the road called Kraichgau-Hohenlohe-Weg). Turn right at the farm and then take the next left turn past the golf course. Take a left turn at the next junction on the cycle/footpath. Turn left again and follow the tarmac road past the golf course. Cross the L552 and take a left at the edge of the forest, heading towards Odenheim on the tarmac path. Stay on the cycle/footpath as you pass through the town. Take a left turn at the end of the path, then cross the bridge and take the next right onto Forsthausstraße. At the end of that road, carry on straight ahead and follow the tarmac track to Zeutern. Turn right onto Hauptstraße in the direction of Östringen and then turn left onto Besinger Straße. After the railway crossing, turn left onto Wiesenstraße. Carry straight on towards Stettfeld, cycling alongside the Katzbach Stream. Proceed straight over Hauptstraße and turn left to cross the wooden bridge. Head right past the church and then cycle straight down Römerstraße. At the end of that road, follow the track road alongside the tracks until you are back where the route started in Ubstadt.



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