Sandstone and Northern Vosges Biosphere

41.6 KM   I   497 HÖHENMETER  I  4:00 STD. DAUER  I  MITTEL



This loop, which starts off on the cycle path alongside the Marne–Rhine Canal (EuroVelo 5), makes for an exciting round trip around the protected natural landscapes, taking in the exceptional cultural heritage of the Naturpark Nordvogesen (Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park). If you miss out the rocky loop via Hüneburg Castle, you will cut the route down to 29 km.


  • Starting/finishing point: Dettwiller
  • Public transport: Train and bus station in Dettwiller
  • Parking: Car park at the train station in Dettwiller



  • Restaurant La Charrue in Dettwiller; Restaurant S’Bastberger Haxe Stuewel in Imbsheim; there are several places to stop in Bouxwiller; Restaurant du Herrenstein in Neuwiller-lès-Saverne; Hôtel-club Vacanciel Château de Hunebourg in Dossenheim-sur-Zinsel (booking required); Restaurant Klauss in Dossenheim-sur-Zinsel


  • Mittelalterliche Malerei (Medieval Painting) in Kirche von Printzheim (Printzheim Church) (booking required)
  • Naturreservat Bastberg (Bastberg Nature Reserve) and the geologischer Lehrpfad der “Chorten” (Geological Educational Trail along the “Chorten” Shrines) in Bouxwiller
  • Das Hanauer Land Museum (Hanau Countryside Museum) and Jüdisch-elsässisches Museum (Judeo-Alsatian Museum) in Bouxwiller
  • Abtei Saint Pierre et Paul (Abbey of St Peter and Paul) and Kirche Saint Adelphe (St Adelphe Church) in Neuwiller-lès-Saverne
  • Burg Hüneburg (Hüneburg Castle) in Dossenheim-sur-Zinsel
  • Museumsdorf über Mittelalterliche Wehr- und Wohnbauten (Museum Village on Medieval Dwellings and Fortifications) in Dossenheim-sur-Zinsel
  • Literarischer Rundwanderweg über den Schriftsteller André Weckmann und Entdeckung des Rieds der Zorn (Circular Literary Trail to Discover Writer André Weckmann and Le Ried de la Zorn)
  • Schuhfabrikverkauf Heschung (Heschung Shoe Outlet Shop) in Dettwiller



Starting from the Marne-Rhine Canal cycle path at Dettwiller, you will discover the protected natural habitats and remarkable heritage of the Regional Nature Park of the Northern Vosges. You can cut this loop down to 29 km by remaining on the cycle path at Neuwiller-lès-Saverne and avoiding the climb up to Hunebourg Castle.




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