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This idyllic route takes you on a loop through picturesque towns, up and down vineyards slopes boasting panoramic views and through flower-filled meadows and luscious green woods on hills. It’s the perfect way to experience the landscape and the people. The delightful town of Bretten, where famous humanist and reformer Philipp Melanchthon was born, has a historical old town and marketplace. Not to mention that there are all sorts of local delicacies to try out.


  • Starting/finishing point: Bretten
  • How to get there: A5 to the Bruchsal exit then the B35 via Bruchsal and Bruchsal-Heidelsheim towards Bruchsal-Helmsheim or A8 to the Pforzheim-Nord exit then the B294 via Neulingen-Bauschlott towards Bretten
  • Public transport: There are a dozen train stations to choose from as starting and finishing points (S4 from Karlsruhe or Heilbronn, regional train line from Heidelberg or Stuttgart and S9 from Bruchsal or Mühlacker).



  • Bretten: Melanchton Museum, Tierpark (Zoo)
  • Obergrombach: Burg (Castle)
  • Untergrombach: Heimatmuseum (Local History Museum), Michaelskapelle (St. Michael’s Chapel)
  • Heidelsheim: Heimatmuseum (Local History Museum)
  • Gondelsheim: Schloss Douglas (Gondelsheim Castle)
  • Kraichtal-Gochsheim: Graf-Eberstein Schloss (Gochsheim Castle)
  • Flehingen: Wasserschloss (Moated Castle)
  • Knittlingen: Faust Museum




This route begins at the marketplace in Bretten. From there, cycle uphill on the road called Am Gaisberg to Hauptstraße and then take a right turn on this road. Take the next left onto Apothekergasse. Turn right onto the road called Postweg and then take another right turn when you come to the end of the road. Take an immediate left onto Reuchlinstraße and then head left on Merianstraße at the roundabout. Take a slight left at the fork and cycle though the residential estate on the cycle/footpath. Carry straight on and into the centre of Gölshausen. Head left to the roundabout and then turn right onto Oberdorfstraße, which you should then follow out of the town. When you are on the outskirts, veer right and pass underneath the B293. Head uphill to the forest. Cycle straight through the forest and then take a right to head downhill towards Bauerbach once you reach the edge of the forest. From Industriestraße, turn onto Hauptstraße, heading left into the town. Once you are in the town centre, take a right turn onto Brunnenstraße followed by another right turn onto Kapellenstraße. At the Rosenstraße junction, veer right onto the track, go through the underpass and head straight over the bridge over the tracks. Take a left turn after the bridge and then take the next right, which will lead you downhill. Cross straight over the L554 and go through the underpass. Once you reach the industrial estate, go straight ahead to Hauptstraße and then turn right. Take the next left onto Hirschstraße. At the end of the road, turn left and take the road called Gochsheimer Straße to Gochsheim. Head left on the main road (Hauptstraße) and then follow the left-hand bend round. Pick up the track straight after the Gärtnerei (Plant Nursery) and stay on it for around 700 m, following alongside the main road. Veer right and start a gentle uphill climb. Go straight on at the four-way intersection and, at Kreisstraße, follow the cycle path to the right and under the bridge. Take a right turn at the T junction and turn left at the Friedhof (Graveyard) to head into the town. Turn left at the church and then take the next right onto Bürgerstraße. Turn right onto Pfriemenstraße and then right again. Cycle straight out of the town. Head right on the hill and left when you reach the bottom. Pass the farm and cycle towards the K3506. Turn right on this road and then go straight over at the intersection to head downhill to Büchig. Turn right onto Hügellandstraße and then left onto Pfarrer Kempf Straße. Follow the road out of the town and continue straight ahead in the direction of Neibsheim. Follow the right-hand bend on Steigstraße. Take a sharp left and then turn right onto Eichenstraße. At the end of the road, cross straight over Hauptstraße and head down into the valley. Take a left turn at the railway embankment and follow the tracks to Gondelsheim. Once you have reached the train station, turn right and pick up Hauptstraße to make your way through the town. Head left at the roundabout, before going through the underpass and following the track running alongside the B35 all the way to Helmsheim. When you have arrived, turn left onto Kantstraße. Continue on Burggrundstraße and then head left to Kreisstraße. Head right on this road and then take the next left, cycling through the residential estate in parallel with the K3502 and out of the town. Head uphill on the track in the direction of the forest. At the edge of the forest, cycle towards Obergrombach on Kreisstraße. As you enter the town, turn left onto Burgstraße and take another left turn at the town gate. Cycle on the road called Jöhlinger Straße as far as Hauptstraße. Follow this main road to the left and leave the town behind. Turn right onto the track at the wayside cross and veer right at the junction, where you will start to head uphill. Take a right turn at the second junction on the hill and cycle down the ridge in the direction of Jöhlingen. Follow the main road (Hauptstraße) through the town. Turn left onto Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße and then right onto Jahnstraße. Carry straight on out of the town, passing by the playing field on the way. Turn right onto Hauptstraße at the underpass and then head left towards and into Wössingen. Take a left turn onto Bruchsaler Straße. As you leave the town, turn right onto the track, which you should follow underneath the B293 and then cycle uphill alongside the B293 in the direction of Dürrenbüchig. Go over the bridge, entering and then passing through the town, still in parallel with the B293 in the direction of Rinklingen. Cycle straight on through the district of the town. Stay on the cycle path, passing underneath the tracks. Take a right turn towards the train station and then turn left onto Luisenstraße at the traffic lights. Turn left onto the road called Am Seedamm and then right onto Schlachthausgasse. Cycle uphill past the church until you end up back where the route started.



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