Cereal Fields Route



This cycle route passes through the Kraichgau cornfields and along the Kraichbach, Eschbach, Rohrbach and Kohlbach Streams. You can traditionally be sure to find mills wherever there is water flowing. And you won’t be disappointed on this bike ride thanks to the Humstermühle and Egonmühle Mills. There is even a whole place called Mühlwald (Mill Forest). Our top tip: Come along to one of the famous wine festivals!


  • Starting/finishing point: Oberderdingen-Flehingen
  • How to get there: B293 (access to A8 and A6 motorways), L593 (access to A5 and A81 motorways), L554 (access to B293/A5 and A8)
  • Public transport: S-Bahn Line S4 to the Oberderdingen-Flehingen Stop (Karlsruhe–Heilbronn Line); see www.kvv.de for further information
  • Parking: P&R car park at the Oberderdingen-Flehingen Stop


  • Flehingen: Wasserschloss (Moated Castle)
  • Kraichtal-Gochsheim: Graf-Eberstein Schloss (Gochsheim Castle)
  • Kraichtal-Menzingen: Wasserschlossruine (Moated Castle Ruins)
  • Sulzfeld: Ravensburg (Ravensburg Castle)




The route starts at the train station in Flehingen. Head downhill into the town on the road called Bahnhofstraße. Once you come to Hauptstraße, cycle straight ahead onto Gochsheimer Straße. Go past the Schloss (Castle) and out of the town. Follow the tarmac track alongside the Kraichbach Stream to Gochsheim. Once you have arrived there and find yourself on Hauptstraße, take a left turn and then the next right, heading uphill into the town on the tarmac track. Go straight on down Bertold Bott Straße and at the Görnstraße junction, take a right turn onto Hauptstraße. When you get there, turn left and then take the next right onto the road that is closed to cars at the weekend. Follow the course of the road in the valley alongside the tracks. At the stopping point, turn right to Hauptstraße and head left on the cycle path. Once you reach the end of the cycle path, carry on past the former mill. Follow the gravel path round to the right and go straight on at the next junction so that you are heading towards Rohrbach. Take a left turn at the end of the gravel path and then turn right then left, heading further through the valley on a tarmac path alongside the Eschbach Stream. As you come into Landshausen, with the playing field on the left, take the next right. Take a slight left turn at the next fork and start a gentle uphill climb. Head straight over the peak and follow the tarmac path down into the valley. Once you are there, turn right and head over the bridge. Follow the path round to the left and go past the playing field as you proceed in the direction of Rohrbach. Take a right turn at the T junction and follow the road called Gochsheimer Straße straight out of the town. Cycle straight over the hill at the farm and do the same at the next farm. You will then come to the B293, which you should cross. Pick up the L593 and head to Sulzfeld. After around 300 m, a tarmac track will appear on the right, running in parallel to the main road (Hauptstraße). Start your steep downhill descent alongside the vineyard. Bear right in the valley until you reach the intersection, where you should turn right and head in the direction of the town centre. After about 100 m, turn right onto the track that runs alongside the road to Zaisenhausen. As you enter Zaisenhausen, veer left into the 30 km/h zone. At the four-way intersection, take a left towards the Friedhof (Graveyard) and cycle through the underpass. Go straight past the Friedhof (Graveyard) and head uphill into the forest. When you come to the junction in the forest, carry on straight ahead, going downhill, and do the same at the Heiligenäcker Siedlung (Heiligenäcker Estate) junction so that you are heading towards Kürnbach. After the industrial estate, carry on over Hauptstraße and past the playing field. Then, take a right turn and cycle through the town centre. Once you have passed the marketplace, take a left turn to Hauptstraße and cross straight over the road. Turn right onto Derdinger Straße and follow the road out of the town. Cross straight over the L593 and follow the track through the valley. Turn left and head uphill on the tarmac path and, once you reach the top, head right towards Flehingen. Cycle straight over the bridge and into the town. Go downhill over the tracks and take the next left onto Bahnhofstraße. You will then arrive back where you started.



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