Barrel Lid Route 5



Passing by Kloster Heilsbruck (Heilsbruck Monastery), this route meanders through the “Garden of Eden” of the Palatinate region. You will embark upon a bike ride you won’t forget in a hurry, as you cycle along the Wine Route and take in its tranquil vineyards, blossoming gardens, fragrant fruit trees and inviting wine bars along the way.


  • Starting/finishing point: The former Kloster Heilsbruck (Heilsbruck Monastery) in Edenkoben
  • How to get there/public transport: The station is only 1.5 km away from the starting point, making the train the most convenient way of travelling.



  • Edenkoben: Schloss Villa Ludwigshöhe (Castle Villa Ludwigshöhe), Weinlehrpfad (Educational Wine Trail), Kloster Heilsbruck (Heilsbruck Monastery), Museum für Weinbau und Stadtgeschichte (Museum of Viticulture and Local History)
  • Rhodt unter Rietburg: Theresienstraße, oldest vineyard (German Wine Institute: Viticulture Highlight), südländischer Früchtegarten (Southern Fruit Garden), Ruine Rietburg (Ruins of Rietburg Castle) and Rietburgbahn (Rietburg Chairlift)
  • Burrweiler: Annakapelle (St. Anna Chapel), Antik-Ofen-Galerie (Antique Oven Gallery)
  • Edesheim: Schloss Edesheim (Edesheim Castle) (castle festival)
  • Gleisweiler: Zehnthof (Tithe Barn) housing the Museum “Faszination Papier” (“Fascinating Paper” Museum), Park mit Sonnentempel (Park with Sun Temple), historische Walddusche (Historical Woodland Shower) (Germany’s oldest cold water facility)
  • Großfischlingen: “Pfalznudel” Teigwarenfabrik (Pasta Factory) offering guided tours





Starting from Bahnhof Edenkoben (Edenkoben Train Station), head south towards Edesheim/Landau for around 300 m and then turn right at the next intersection. From this point, you can follow the signs for Barrel Lid Route 5 (symbol), heading west. Cycle through the town of Edenkoben until you reach the road called Klosterstraße and then pass the former Kloster Heilsbruck (Heilsbruck Monastery). At the next intersection, in front of the mansion, turn left and cycle west along the Triefenbach Stream until the path runs out. Next, head left in the direction of the road called Villastraße. Cross Villastraße just before you reach the tennis complex and turn left again straight away, heading past the vines towards Rhodt. Between 09:00 and 17:00, you could always stop off at Villa Ludwigshöhe, but only if you’re prepared to cycle up to it on a quick detour. Otherwise, simply enjoy the downhill ride to Rhodt via the beautiful road called Theresienstraße. You will then cycle along a string of wine-producing villages on the Wine Route, taking in Hainfeld, Burrweiler and Gleisweiler. Once you reach Frankweiler Mühle, you will leave the Deutsche Weinstraße (German Wine Route) and cycle down through the vineyards along the Hainbach Stream to Böchingen. Pass through the town and carry on until you see Flemlingen on your left. Pass the town on the right-hand side, cycling over the rolling vineyards as far as the little town of Roschbach. Continue on the tracks, taking care to follow the signs, and head towards Edesheim. Head east through and out of the town. You will need to go over the motorway bridge and then make a turn so you are heading north towards Großfischlingen. Take the main road through the town, exiting along the route that will take you to Venningen. Proceed along the cycle path next to the road until you reach the Bildstöckel (Wayside Shrine). Around 100 m before the playing field in Venningen, cross the road and take the tracks leading back to Bahnhof Edenkoben (Edenkoben Train Station) in a westerly direction.



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